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Yes you…you may ask, “Why would He choose me?”  But I ask, “Why not you?”

You are God’s uniquely profound, beautiful masterpiece.


You have been meticulously pieced together so beautifully by the Master Himself. You are not a duplicate, you are not cut from someone else’s mold – O no – you have been thought of with great hope and faith for His great purpose.

God’s Mighty Fingerprints, His gentle yet gorgeous hands, His Holy Breath, His Righteous Word intentionally placed you so beautifully together. Your life from Him is for His mighty purpose to change the lives for the better to point others to HIM.  He did not create you for you to see what others see with logic, fact and reasoning –  He created you to call forth and see through the scope of faith  – to change your environment which brings forth comfort and strength to others so that they will continue and not give up.  As you lead by example, others will pay your example forward by living in Christ themselves as they experience the Joy of Christ living in them.


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