GIEBYB is joining forces…

Yes!  GIEBYB is joining forces with Innocence Thriving  Image

as they are bringing awareness to human trafficking and giving insightful, yet simple preventative measures on seeing and experiencing innocence thrive.

Image Paris Keelea a 12 year old girl who ‘founded’ Innocence Thriving has a passion to see her generation live in freedom.  She is revealing a glimpse of God’s beauty in bringing forth the power of His love to see that justice manifest in the midst of injustice done to women and children.  Paris is the ‘host’ of her youtube channel…Innocence Thriving TV.   If you go to http://www.innocencethriving.wordpress.com/about you can read how Innocence Thriving came to be!

Please join us in the fight by spreading the word of her youtube channel while donating to two of many great organizations that Paris loves to help and that is SCTNow Image

and ImagePearl Alliance!

Thank you for your prayers, help and support to assist us in sharing this message of seeing innocence thrive realizing that God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty as well as theirs!




Written by: Teresa Criswell

Beauty is admired, it is beheld with a sighing awe of contentment.  Beauty to some is like candy to the eyes…but no matter what you associate beauty together with, it is truly a tool to be utilized for the glory of God.  The remarkable admiration of beauty has influence; so influence others with no agendas but because you have the ability to lift them up so they can do the same for others.  Beauty is a responsibility, a precious mandate.  As you possess beauty, use it wisely…beauty it is not meant to get it’s own way, but to make a way for others to succeed experiencing significance like never before.

As beauty pours out of your heart and seeps into your pores manifesting to others…let the beauty of God flow out of you like a rushing river allowing others to experience refreshment as the King is enthralled by your beauty so many others will experience that overwhelming awe of incredible amazement as they too will be enthralled by the King’s beauty revealed through you!

True Beauty

As you realize that God is truly enthralled by your beauty…may we remember that beauty is a gift utilized to empower others; not a possession to hoard.

Beauty authenticated with great substance…thank you Caitlin!

The beauty of God’s love is indescribable.  Even in the attempt to describe such massive, exploding and delicious truth, where does one begin?

Today, I focus on the beauty of forgiveness.

A simple truth that God revealed to me two nights ago, was truly experienced in an unforgettable way.  Proper forgiveness does not validate the wrongful hurt and betrayal; it validates the person who has committed the act of hurt and betrayal.

To all of my readers…welcome to my new home via ‘WordPress‘.

I must share the great news.  As some of you may know, ten percent of God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty book sales goes to an amazing organization, SCTNow.org which fights child trafficking!  We were able to give this past week, so thank you as you are part of what we were able to give!

I am aware that the number seems small, however, I see that when we give what we have to God, the value shifts from small and seemingly insignificant to great and significant because of who He is!   I am slowly but surely becoming aware of the principle when we can be trusted with the small, then the Master knows we can be trusted with much.

I thank you in advance for spreading the word…

If you haven’t already done so, please go to the following link by clicking here to ‘Like’ the book…thank you for spreading the Word of God’s beauty that is transferred so freely to us, if we accept.

You are loved and appreciated,


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