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Written by: Teresa Criswell

Beauty is admired, it is beheld with a sighing awe of contentment.  Beauty to some is like candy to the eyes…but no matter what you associate beauty together with, it is truly a tool to be utilized for the glory of God.  The remarkable admiration of beauty has influence; so influence others with no agendas but because you have the ability to lift them up so they can do the same for others.  Beauty is a responsibility, a precious mandate.  As you possess beauty, use it wisely…beauty it is not meant to get it’s own way, but to make a way for others to succeed experiencing significance like never before.

As beauty pours out of your heart and seeps into your pores manifesting to others…let the beauty of God flow out of you like a rushing river allowing others to experience refreshment as the King is enthralled by your beauty so many others will experience that overwhelming awe of incredible amazement as they too will be enthralled by the King’s beauty revealed through you!


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True Beauty

As you realize that God is truly enthralled by your beauty…may we remember that beauty is a gift utilized to empower others; not a possession to hoard.

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