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To all of my readers…welcome to my new home via ‘WordPress‘.

I must share the great news.  As some of you may know, ten percent of God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty book sales goes to an amazing organization, SCTNow.org which fights child trafficking!  We were able to give this past week, so thank you as you are part of what we were able to give!

I am aware that the number seems small, however, I see that when we give what we have to God, the value shifts from small and seemingly insignificant to great and significant because of who He is!   I am slowly but surely becoming aware of the principle when we can be trusted with the small, then the Master knows we can be trusted with much.

I thank you in advance for spreading the word…

If you haven’t already done so, please go to the following link by clicking here to ‘Like’ the book…thank you for spreading the Word of God’s beauty that is transferred so freely to us, if we accept.

You are loved and appreciated,



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