Yes you…

Yes you….


Yes you…

Yes you…you may ask, “Why would He choose me?”  But I ask, “Why not you?”

You are God’s uniquely profound, beautiful masterpiece.


You have been meticulously pieced together so beautifully by the Master Himself. You are not a duplicate, you are not cut from someone else’s mold – O no – you have been thought of with great hope and faith for His great purpose.

God’s Mighty Fingerprints, His gentle yet gorgeous hands, His Holy Breath, His Righteous Word intentionally placed you so beautifully together. Your life from Him is for His mighty purpose to change the lives for the better to point others to HIM.  He did not create you for you to see what others see with logic, fact and reasoning –  He created you to call forth and see through the scope of faith  – to change your environment which brings forth comfort and strength to others so that they will continue and not give up.  As you lead by example, others will pay your example forward by living in Christ themselves as they experience the Joy of Christ living in them.

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“Get Doubt Out”…

You think you ‘lack faith’? Just get doubt out – and watch faith in God arise as your circumstances are swept away by the waves of believing in God through every circumstance of life!

Daughters Of The King

The lit room filled with a crowd of witnesses.  The message this evening – echoing from the heart of God through the mouth of Pastor Chris was an incredibly crucial, encouraging “right now” REMINDER to GET DOUBT OUT and remember that FAITH IS AN ACTION! 

This evening we were challenged with, “What will be our ‘Point of Contact’?” The Contact of all contacts is our Amazing God – but what in our lives are we lacking trust in God with?  I must say to hear the testimony of God through Pastor Chris’ experience this evening of receiving his miracle, yes, literally this evening during worship – The Healer touching our Pastor Chris’ vocal chords is beyond amazing!  His point of contact was worshiping God in song with his voice when in the natural he was told to ‘save’ his voice or it may worsen.  Pastor Chris busted through the cloud…

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Daughter of The King

My daughter Trissy; listening to a Christian artist on Pandora and on this particular station featured an artist known by her first name only – and her name is TRICIA.  The name of the song my daughter heard was, “Daughter of the King” and it is awesome to hear the great ‘royal reminder’ that you are and I am a “Daughter of the King”.

Be encouraged as you read the words and hear the beautiful song – for remember you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” – you are a Daughter of the One and Only King!

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“Daughter of the King” by TRICIA

“All you ever wanted to be
Was someone the world would see
You dress to impress
You put on your best
And all it left you was empty

But a dress won’t make a princess
And jewels won’t make a queen
Cause you were made for more than this
You’re worth more than what you see

You are fearfully and wonderfully
A daughter of the King
You are perfect in the Maker’s eyes
Even when you don’t believe
His love poured out for who you are
Not who you wanna be
You are fearfully and wonderfully made
A daughter of the King

It’s not about the things you can see
The mirror has the world deceived
Just look at your heart to find who you are
Cause image is not in beauty

Cause a dress won’t make a princess
And jewels won’t make a queen
But you were made for more than this
You’re worth more than what you see

And time will fade
Beauty will age
But the good we do lives on
Cause the glass slipper only lasts so long.”


The negative seems to swarm you.  Seemingly inundated by the precious people who are effected by the unfortunate; beyond sad circumstances of this life.  Perhaps you yourself have even been deeply touched with these circumstances of life…some too horrible to even talk about.

Unknowingly with all the quagmire and predicaments of this life, we have made unknowing allowances and excuses for others and ourselves as to ‘why’ we are the way we are.  We become part of this justified way to play the ‘blame game’.

But for the past few days I have wondered, “Why do I continue to allow people and their negative behaviors effect my behavior for the negative?”  I decided in that moment of pondering to take a stand and intentionally be an effect for the better versus being effected for the worse.

What do you say?  Will you join me in this fight?  The fight of what true beauty looks like? Just like the incredible, cascading waterfalls have such an overwhelming effect on our sights and surroundings…so we must do the same allowing the onlookers to stand in awe having no other choice but to give glory to our Amazing Father God!

True Beauty

Remember!  Beauty we speak of is not just skin deep it goes to the immeasurable depths of the heart of God.  True beauty recognizes the responsibility to uplift, encourage and assist.

With this responsibility, true beauty also realizes in order to be able to speak into a life it must be willing to come along side a life with God’s love encouraging a greater way of living…living in abundance!

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